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wiley-cfa-reviewWiley CFA review course has some of the best CFA study materials that you’ll find in any study guide. They started this guide when they purchased Elan Guides a few years ago. Since then, they have redesigned the program in their unique Efficient Learning approach in an effort to help candidates learn and retain the information on the exam faster and easier.

This comprehensive course is designed not only to build your basics and foundation knowledge up enough to pass Level I; it’s designed to make Level II and Level III easier as well. Their goal is to take your hand, walk you through the materials, and to the finish line of passing the exam.

The course itself consists of short lessons that are easy to follow and to the point. This bite-sized approach helps you understand the important topics without bogging you down with tons of details you don’t actually need to know for the exam. Most lessons include a few different teaching materials including: video lectures, multiple-choice test bank questions, slides, and study downloads.

Let’s take a look at a few of these features.

Free Trial

Before we look at the details of the materials, don’t forget. You can check the course out for yourself with this free trial offer. That way you can see if you like it before you buy it.

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Study Guide

The study guides follow the bite-sized learning approach by breaking down larger topics into a few different study guides making them more digestible. Thus, each study guide is designed to help you completely understand the topic with a video lecture, study slides, and practice questions.

They include tons of examples and definitions of each concept discussed. This is the foundation of the course.


Each video lecture uses a virtual white board that the instructor draws on to illustrate the topics. This is very helpful because it’s much more interactive than just a powerpoint presentation. They help you understand the concepts by walking you through examples step by step.

These videos seem more like someone is looking over your shoulder and showing you want you need to know rather than a boring accounting or finance lecture.

There are over 90 hours of comprehensive instruction, 25 hours of intensive review, and 10 hours of mock exam review videos. That’s way more than Kaplan Schweser.

Exam Planner

wiley cfa exam plannerThe Wiley CFA program has an easy to setup and follow exam planner that maps out a schedule of the topics and lessons you need to get through before your exam date. This is really helpful because you don’t need to think about it then. You can log on and see what’s on the to do list today.

Also, if you miss a day or decide to review a few more topics than were on the schedule, it will automatically update the rest of your schedule to reflect your progress. It’s pretty sweet.

Practice Questions Testbank

wiley cfa test bankThe Wiley CFA study materials include over 2,000 Level I and Level II practice questions along with over 500 Level III questions. These questions are categorized by topics and put in their related study guides after each lesson and session.

The best part about the Wiley test bank is that it looks exactly like the exam. Their exam simulator is pretty much identical to the real thing. Trust me. The last thing you want on exam day is to be surprised by something as stupid as the way the exam functions.

As long as you practice with the Wiley CFA testbank, you won’t have that problem. You’ll feel right at home on exam day.

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Test Bank Quiz Builder

There’s also an option to make your own quizzes based on topics you think you need more practice on. All you have to do is pick topics out of a list, enter the number of questions you want included, and the quiz builder will make you a random quiz with the criteria you input.

Mock Exams

wiley cfa mock examsWiley includes 3 mock exams that are updated every year to make sure they are always current and relevant to the new exams.

One cool thing about these mock exams is that they are decided to be difficult. I mean really difficult.

They are much more challenging than the actual exam is, so if you can master the Wiley mock exams, you shouldn’t have a problem when you are taking the real thing. 🙂

Bite-Sized Learning

I think one of the biggest advantages to the Wiley study guide is their bite-sized learning approach. They take long, complicated topics and break them down into easy-to-understand subtopics. This way you don’t have to sit through a 3-hour lecture all at one time. You can study smaller sections and accomplish a lot more in the same amount of time. Not to mention, you learn way faster this way because it holds your attention better.

This is also extremely convenient for people with busy schedules. You don’t have to dedicate all night to studying. You can go through a couple bite-sized lessons when you can and pick it back up later.


Wiley is always running promotions on their products. Here are some of the Wiley CFA discounts available right now.

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Unlimited Access

Unlike other CFA review courses, Wiley offers unlimited access to your guide until you pass the exam. Yes, that means you get to use it as long as you need to without paying extra fees. They will even give you all of the updates each year for free.


The Wiley mentoring system is second to none. If you are stuck on a concept or have a question about the materials, all you have to do is message your mentor. Each mentor is a charter holder and will reply to your question within at least two days.

My Recommendation

I think the Wiley CFA course is the best set of review materials out there right now. Between their extensive video and lesson library to their huge test bank, they have all the bases covered and have everything you need to prepare yourself to pass the exam. I would highly recommend this study guide to anyone who is serious about passing the exam on their first attempt.

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