Top 5 Best CFA Exam Review Courses & Study Materials

Updated:January 31, 2019
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Choosing the best CFA exam study materials or best CFA review course is a pivotal step in your journey to becoming a Chartered Financial Analyst. Finding the right review prep course materials that properly fit your knowledge base and learning style could mean the difference between passing the exam on your first try and spending an extra month or two studying for no reason.

It’s important to look at the top CFA exam review courses that are out there to see what one will work best for you and which ones will probably not help you as much. Many candidates struggle with studying not because the material is difficult but because they don’t have a study guide that works for them.

That’s the main reason why I created this CFA resource. I wanted to help candidates find the review materials that will work for them and help them pass the exam easier and faster. There’s no point wasting time with a system that doesn’t really fit you. Here’s a list of the top CFA prep courses that I personally went through and tested. Each one has pros and cons that I detail in my reviews. Check out my comparison chart that shows how each study guide stacks up against the others.

Best CFA Exam Prep Courses of 2018 Compared [Updated]

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CFA Review Courses Wiley CFA AdaptPrep Kaplan Schweser CFA Bench Prep CFA Analyst Success CFA
Price $535 – $1,166 with

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$259 with

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$649 – $2,099 $445 $400 – $650
Multiple Choice Questions 4,000+ 3,000+ 4,000 3,100+ 2,300+
Exam Simulations 3 Full Exams User Generated 6 Full Exams None 1.5 Full Exams
Video Lectures 110 Hours 42 Hours
Available Formats Self-Study with Virtual Classroom Self-Study with Online Portal Self-Study with Online, Live Instruction Self-Study Online Self-Study with Live Online Lectures
Mobile Access
Time Limit Until You Pass Until You Pass Until Exam Date 6 months from purchase 14 Days After Exam
CFA Level 2 Course Available
CFA Level 3 Course Available
Customer and Instructor Support
Pass Guarantee Repurchase discount of 50%
What makes it unique? Bite-sized Learning and Access until you pass! Most Adaptive Most Full Practice Exams Most Affordable Live Instructions
My Opinion My Review My Review My Review My Review My Review
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Wiley CFA Review Course

Course Rating: ★★★★★

The Wiley CFA course materials are produced by Wiley Efficient Learning. This company is aptly named because it’s designed their entire program around the idea that you can learn faster and still retain the same amount of information. There’s no need to spend an hour on a topic that only requires 20 minutes. That’s why this system is so great.

Bite Sized Lessons – The key to the Wiley CFA learning process starts with “bite-sized” lessons. These are short lessons that help keep your attention and focus on the topics at hand. Since you aren’t bored or distracted while you are studying, it’s much easier to retain more information and only study topics one time rather than a handful of times. Plus, who wants to sit through a 1-2 hour accounting lecture? : )

Unlimited Access – One of the biggest advantages with all Wiley products is their expiration policy. There isn’t one! You can use the course until you pass. Yes, that means you could take as long as you need to pass the exam and you will never have to pay an update or renewal fee. With free updates, you won’t have the added pressure of purchasing a new course if you don’t pass. You can just keep using Wiley CFA.

Mobile App – Wiley has really brought its CFA review course to a whole new level with its mobile app. Now you can use all of your CFA study materials on your phone, tablet, or any other mobile device. This means you can practice some questions any time you have a free minute. No need to sit in front of your computer or carry around a backpack full of level 1, level 2, or level 3 study materials.

  • Check Out Wiley CFA For Yourself!

– Read my full analysis of Wiley CFA Review Materials and decide for yourself! –


AdaptPrep CFA Review

Course Rating: ★★★★

AdaptPrep is a newer CFA review company that has been making some huge waves in the industry. They first came out with their study materials a few years ago and have drastically improved them. Here are some of their great features.

Adaptive Technology – AdaptPrep is a truly adaptive course that helps you focus on areas that you struggle with and need to study more. As you go through the course, it tracks your answers to see which sections you are weak on and uses this data to suggest quizzes and topics that you should review.

Crazy Good Value – This is by far the best value course on the market today. It’s not the cheapest, but it has the biggest bang for your buck. For under $300, you’ll get a complete set of review materials with over 42 hours of video lectures and 3,000+ multiple-choice study questions.

Unlimited Access – Just like Wiley, AdaptPrep lets you use their course until you pass the exam. There are no renewal fees, so you don’t need to worry about getting whacked if it takes you a little longer to study than you thought.

  • Check out AdaptPrep for Yourself!


5 Best Online CFA Courses & Study Materials of 2018

CFA Review Courses Best For:
Wiley’s CFA Course Bite-Sized Lectures
Bloomberg Exam Prep Largest Test Bank
Adapt Prep CFA Adaptive Technologies
Apptuto CFA Review Affordability
Kaplan Schweser CFA Most Expensive




Best CFA Prep Courses

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