Best CFA Level 3 Books for the 2018 & 2019 Exam

Buying the best CFA Level 3 books instead of purchasing a full-length course will save you a ton of money. If you are like me, you aren’t fortunate enough to have an employer who offered to pay for your study materials. I was on my own and on a budget. This didn’t stop me though.

There are a bunch of great alternatives to full study materials for level III out there. Some of these books are as low at $100.

I think it goes without saying that a single book isn’t going to be as comprehensive and thorough as a full course. They don’t have lectures or coaches helping you through problems, but they do have practice quizzes and problems that you can work out on your own. These books have everything that you need to study in order to pass Level III of the exam.

You can also use any of these books as a supplement to another course. Say you purchase book today. After going through it for a few weeks, you realize that you need some more explanations of the more difficult concepts, so you purchase a full course. You can still use your book as a supplement to fill in the information that your full course doesn’t provide. No money wasted!

Here is our comparison chart of the top-rated CFA exam level III books available right now.

Other Materials

You can also check out these other full-length study materials.