Best CFA Level 1 Books for the 2018 & 2019 Exam

Getting the best CFA Level I books is the most affordable way to study for the CFA exam. Let’s face it. Not everyone can buy a full-length study guide to prepare for the exam. Some people are on a budget and aren’t fortunately enough to have an employer pay for them to take the test.

I feel you. I was in the same boat. Don’t worry there are plenty of top CFA prep books out there to choose from that are way less expensive than purchasing a full course.

Now, would I say that these books are just as good and will prepare you just as much as a regular review course would? No, of course not. You can’t beat having video lectures, a test bank, and a series of other study tools, but these books will get the job done if you are on a budget. You can also use them as supplements to other study materials you are using.

Here’s a comparison of the top-rated CFA exam level I books that I’ve found.

Other Materials

You can also check out these other full-length study materials.