Apptuto CFA Review

AppTuto-cfa-reviewApptuto CFA review is a new technology company to the chartered financial analyst exam. They’ve developed a new platform for candidates to use during their study process that takes advantage of our ever-increasing mobile lives.

Originally, they only made materials for Level I, but now they have a platform for all three. Their innovative platform is clean and fresh looking. It’s easy to navigate and has a ton of powerful analytics behind it that you can use to hyper focus on what you need to study and not worry about the stuff you don’t.

Apptuto actually has two different products. One is an extremely powerful app with a huge test bank of questions and advanced analytics. This started out as a mobile app, but now it’s accessible on desktop, tablet, and mobile.

The other product is a live online teaching course. This is great because it allows you to listen to lectures, ask questions, take notes, and understand lessons easier. They believe in their teaching so much that they guarantee that you will pass if you take their course.

Before we take a look at all the features of both, you need to know that they offer a free trial!

Free Trial

You can sign up for the Apptuto CFA app for free and see if you like it before you buy it. It’s really cool that they allow you to do this. It just shows how confident they are that you will like it.

Let’s get into the features.

Apptuto App

apptuto-cfa-appThe Apptuto testbank app is a huge resource for CFA candidates. It’s an innovative, new approach to the mobile learning environment. Personally, when I think of an app, I think of something small, lightweight that is good for one task. The Apptuto app couldn’t be farther from this.

It consists of a power dashboard that tracks all of your practice tests and attempted questions. This analytical data is then stored to help you pinpoint areas you need to study more. It also shows you your study progress and a leaderboard of stats to show you how well you are doing compared with others using the app.

Needless to say, it’s pretty powerful.

Test Bank

apptuto-cfa-testbankThis advanced testbank has over 3,000 practice questions in it that you can use to study and understand the topics and concepts on the exam.

The test bank also has a quiz generator that allows you to create custom quizzes on the topics that you thin you need to work on. You can narrow down your quiz questions by topics, readings, question type, or difficulty level.

The testbank also applies weights to each question based on the relative difficulty just like the real exam. This allows you to create your own Mock exams.

The most important thing in any test bank is the answer explanations. These help you understand why you got a question wrong and what you can correct in your thinking process in the future to increase your scores. Apptuto’s team of CFAs write all of the explanations for each question in the bank. That’s why they boast that they have superior content to any other course.

Advanced Analytics

apptuto-cfa-app-analyticsIn today’s testing environment, performance analysis is key to your success. You need to figure out what you struggle with in order to improve before you exam day. It’s very difficult to do this with some type of performance metrics or analytics.

This app allows you to track your performance on practice exam questions and readings in real time from week to week on their graphing system. The topics and areas that are identified as your weakest will be highlighted in the readings, so you can go back and brush up on them.

After you have reached a satisfactory level of competence, you are awarded a gem or another badge showing that you should move on to the next section or topic. This is not only visually helpful; it’s also a good motivation tool.


The app allows you to access your study materials on your phone, tablet, and desktop without any problems. Thus, you can do some practice problems at lunch on your phone. After work, you can come home and log in on your computer. Everything will be there.

Live Online Classes

apptuto-cfa-live-classesThe new live online classes are designed to be a modern online classroom that gives you a sense of community and help. The course consists of 45 hours of lectures over a 16-week period.

These classes allow you to follow along with the lecturer and receive one-on-one training and coaching from some of the industry leading experts. You also get a ton of materials to go along with the lectures.

The biggest thing that you will get as a lecture attendee is the app. Yup, you will get access to the testbank and app! You’ll get hundreds of study slides and a full set of reading materials. You will also receive the Apptuto Review notes and the recorded sessions.

These recordings are particularly helpful because the instructors teach much more than just the topics that are covered on the exam. They teach test taking tips and strategies to read and answer questions throughout the exam.

The biggest advantage to the live courses is that they offer 100% pass assurance. In other words, they guarantee that you will pass if you take their course.


The app and the live classes are super affordable as it is, but you can get an even better deal by using our coupon code. Save 20% when you sign up for AppTuto today!

My Recommendation

I think this is a great platform for anyone who wants classroom style lectures. It’s extremely affordable for one-on-one teaching and coaching from some of the best in the industry. However, some people don’t like live teaching. They would rather study on their own pace.

If you are this type of studier, I would recommend just buying the app. It’s well worth the $199 just to have it for a supplement to another full-length course you are currently using. It’s easy to use and powerful. It will definitely help you pass the exam.